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Where do these numbers come from?

This countdown shows one estimate of how long it will take to reach an amount of greenhouse gas emissions beyond which two degrees of warming will be likely. The total carbon budget remaining figure of 2900 GtCO2-e (within a range of 2550 to 3150 depending on various factors) is the value required to limit total human-induced warming to less than 2°C relative to the period 1861–1880 with a probability of >66%. Full details are in the IPCC Synthesis Report here. The rate of emissions is based on the most recent year of global emissions, and assumes no increase or decrease in emissions year-to-year as a 'business as usual' scenario

IPCC 2014 Synthesis Report (pdf)


Research on Climate Change

David Vogel, our co-founder, discusses important data we have discovered about climate change and global warming. Watch the video below to learn more. 


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