EDUCATION: Do you know the facts on climate change? Would you be able to explain it to someone else? Chances are, the concept of climate change has crossed your path at some point. To start a meaningful conversation on climate solutions, it is important to start with the basics and EDUCATE YOURSELF. Dig into the fundamentals of climate change and ask questions to help bring awareness to the issue and available solutions.

KNOW YOUR RISK: Climate change presents itself in different ways to different demographics. Invest the time into learning about the various impacts climate change has throughout the country and the world. Floridians face intense hurricanes and sea level rise that puts human safety and property resiliency at risk. Californians experience droughts that compromise industry and general well-being. The biggest misconception about climate change is that it is solely an environmental issue. Make no mistake. The effects of climate change touch every aspect of our lives. From human health to economic impacts, life as we know it will be altered.

Become familiar with Climate Policy, including Carbon Price. Educate yourself on political candidates and legislation and make your voice heard by voting for climate change solutions.

Below are resources to help you understand how climate is affecting you where you live.


The Importance of CO2

Find Your Flood Risk

Find Out How Climate Change Will Affect Rainfall, Above Normal Temperatures and Average Winter Temperatures in a City Near You.


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