Volo foundation is a private family organization that exists to educate the public to create a sustainable and secure planet for future generations.

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Our Founders

David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel have maintained a personal philanthropic portfolio for many years, largely consisting of public health and education programs. As they became more informed and noticed evident changes in the environment and climate, they set out to answer the hard questions by funding projects aimed at solving this major issue. In 2014, David and Thais formed VoLo Foundation.

Facts about Volo Foundation

We’ve given more than $20 million in total contributions.
We’ve supported more than 70 projects in 2021.
92% of our budget goes to supporting programs.

60% goes toward climate change awareness, research, adaptation, and mitigation.

30% goes toward education, health, and social support.

Programs & Partners

Joined by our partner programs around the world, VoLo Foundation is working to accelerate change and global impact through the support of:

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