6 celebrities committed to climate action

International actor and climate activist Roberto Manrique will be present at VoLo Foundation’s Climate CorrectionTM event in Orlando on March 3. Who are other celebrities committed to climate action?

By Carlos Roa

In connection with the attendance of actor and environmental activist Roberto Manrique at our 2023 Climate CorrectionTM Conference, we wondered which other celebrities are committed to climate action.

About Roberto, we can say that his acting career has made him internationally recognized, through Telemundo network shows such as Sin Senos sí hay Paraíso, El Clon, Flor Salvaje and Victorinos, among others. He was also winner of the Latin Ace Award in New York, issued by the Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo (Association of Entertainment Journalists).

As for his work for the environment, he has been a presenter and global ambassador for Premios Verdes for 10 years. In 2019 he started his successful environmental campaign #JuntosXLaTierra, which led him to plant 260 thousand trees. He is creator, director and producer of the web series Revelaciones del Camino, which seeks to inspire commitment to sustainability.

Roberto has also given talks promoting sustainability at prominent international events, including the United Nations Conference for the Oceans with the renowned Silvia Earle, and is the winner of the Ekos Influencer Award 2020 and 2021, in the Sustainability category.

Other celebrities working for the planet

Famous Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio uses his stardom as an actor to get people to pay attention to environmental challenges. In 1998 he created the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which focuses on the protection of wildlife, threatened ecosystems and climate change issues.

DiCaprio was appointed United Nations Messenger of Peace for Climate Change in 2014 and was seen attending the 2021 COP26 in Glasgow. He sits on the boards of several environmental organizations and is a producer of documentaries on the subject.

Actress and activist Jane Fonda has used her voice to encourage her followers to take action against climate change, and in March 2022, launched the Jane Fonda Climate PAC, with the purpose of ousting politicians supporting the fossil fuel industry.

Fonda is also leveraging donations from those who care about the climate. In a recent video, she said, “Scientists have been very clear: we have to cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030.”

Meryl Streep co-founded the environmental group Mothers & Others, an organization that supports organic farming and raises environmental awareness, in 1989. She has also advocated for organizations such as the Center for Climate, Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, Scenic Hudson and the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition.

Ben Affleck consistently speaks out about the effects of climate change and pollution in the world. He was awarded an Environment Media Award in 2013 for his work on this issue.

He promotes environmentally friendly actions, like recycling.  Ben also uses his social networks, such as Twitter, to encourage his followers to act against climate change.

Mark Ruffalo co-founded “The Solutions Project” to switch to clean energy and fight climate change. He is encouraging people to go solar and has raised over $182,000 in donations for Water Defense.

On March 3, 2023, VoLo Foundation will be hosting the 5th annual Climate CorrectionTM conference in Orlando, the premier annual climate action conference in the U.S. focused on driving innovative solutions to address climate change.

To learn more and obtain tickets, please visit this link.

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