A Christmas story to bid farewell to 2022

By Carlos Roa

The bilingual Creative Lab “Water People Express” designed and performed by Water People Theater STUDIO Kids, wrapped up their 2022 activities with the performance of the showcase “¿Y yo… por qué no? | What is wrong with me?”

It was a Christmas story written by Rebeca Aleman, concerning inclusiveness and care for nature, with the participation of 14 children.

VoLo Foundation keeps a partnership to support the operation of Water People Theater since they consider the theatrical activity as a powerful educational tool, which confirms the enormous transforming power of art and theater to develop better human beings.

This alliance with VoLo Foundation, in addition to guaranteeing the operation of WPT STUDIO Kids, allowed the granting of eight scholarships to refugee children due to migratory situations and domestic violence, among which there were children with neurodivergent conditions.

This workshop, aimed at children between 6 and 12 years of age, was delivered by Rebeca Aleman and Ramon Camin. The trainees and the Water People Theater team reaffirmed theater as an inclusive space, especially for children at risk of social exclusion.

Rebeca Aleman explained that “Water People Theater STUDIO Kids has been designed to stimulate and develop human, social and environmental values in children and teenagers”.

Through the theatrical dynamics created by WPT’s team, the participants learned key concepts and strategies for their communication, adaptability as well as responsibility to the community and the planet.

WPT states, “The theater exercises have a positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence. Through teamwork, they practice respect for differences and solidarity. The stimulation of imagination and creativity in children and adolescents is encouraged by using the protection of the planet, the environment and nature as ways and goals”.

The performance of the showcase took place to a full house and with great excitement. The children were happy to have reached their goal, their families were proud of their children’s achievements and grateful for the work of the team.

“Water People Express was a life experience for children, families, as well as for the entire Water People Theater STUDIO team,” said Rebeca Aleman.

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