Breathtaking Mural in Orlando to Raise Awareness About Climate Change

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – VoLo Foundation, in its effort to create awareness about climate change, has unveiled a magnificent mural painting by Allison Dayka, a renowned TIMEÔ pieces artist. The unveiling took place today in Orlando, Florida, and marked an important milestone in the Foundation’s mission to promote environmental consciousness and inspire action to protect the planet.

The mural painting, which covers an entire wall of a building in the heart of downtown Orlando, features a depiction of “Future”, a bear that lives in a world transformed by climate change. That shall serve as a reminder of our role as humans in environmental preservation. Through vibrant colors, Dayka’s artwork seeks to inspire consciousness regarding the urgency of protecting our planet from the devastating effects of climate change.

“We are thrilled to have commissioned Allison Dayka to create this incredible mural painting,” said Thais Lopez Vogel, co-founder of VoLo Foundation “Her work is not only visually stunning, but also deeply meaningful. The state of Florida ranked as the most vulnerable region outside of China when it comes to climate-vulnerable regions in the world, so it is imperative to convey a powerful message now about the need to take action to address the pressing environmental challenges we face.” Lopez Vogel went on to say “It is not a red or blue issue, it is a green issue.”

Dayka expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the Foundation’s mission. “I believe that art can be a powerful tool for inspiring positive change,” she said.

“We feel honored to be able to offer the community a small window to such an important matter as climate control. This is not only a community problem but worldwide, and if we don’t work together to fix it, there will not be much left for our children and coming generations.” said Angie and René Berio, owners of the building where the mural is displayed.

The unveiling of the mural painting was attended by VoLo Foundation leaders, local officials, environmental activists, and members of the press, who expressed their appreciation for the foundation’s efforts to promote environmental consciousness.

The unveiling of the mural comes before tomorrow’s 5th Annual Climate Correction Conference at The Celeste Hotel in Orlando, Fl. This gathering will bring industry experts together to define what we can expect in the coming years and how people can engage in the conversation and take action. Speakers include Alex Nichols-Vinueza from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), John Morales of ClimaData Corp, renowned personality Roberto Manrique representing JuntosXLaTierra, Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian of the Organization of American States, Luis Tineo from Climate Change Group, World Bank, as well as Ashley Van Stone, Sustainability Manager of City of Orlando, among others.

VoLo Foundation plans to continue its work in this area by supporting initiatives and projects that promote sustainability, conservation, and environmental education.

For more information about VoLo Foundation and its mission, visit their website at

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