Climate Correction™ 2024 Multiplied Knowledge To Create Change

300 attendees and two dozen sessions shared the space with an art exhibition, to keep the discussion open about the actions and solutions needed to address climate change 

By Carlos Roa  

VoLo Foundation’s sixth Climate Correction conference fulfilled its goal of “Bridging Solutions, Igniting Change,” as promised by its motto.  

The event, held on March 7th and 8th in Orlando, Florida, brought together nearly 300 attendees and two dozen sessions in English and Spanish. In this way, it consolidated its position as one of the reference events on the topic in the United States.  

Thais Lopez Vogel, co-founder, and trustee of the foundation, believes she has reasons to be optimistic about how receptive the event’s message has been to the public, as VoLo celebrates its first decade of work.  

“Ten years after starting this fight and in our sixth edition of Climate Correction, I cannot help but feel grateful and satisfied because it yields better results each time,” she says.  

Lopez emphasizes that people in Florida have awakened, “they understand that climate change is a reality that affects us directly”.  

For her, “It is satisfying to see that many people are not only showing up but are committed and contributing solutions. These are people who travel from all the states to contribute their ideas”. 

The diverse topics of the panels addressed various consequences of climate change, as well as their potential solutions.  

From ways of explaining it to Latino communities through journalism, to the mental health impacts left by climate disasters on their victims, all these topics had their space in the meeting. The role of scientific education in youth was addressed, as well as the employment opportunities in clean energy-producing companies. 

New Realities of Climate Action 

Among the most important learnings, we can emphasize the high level of awareness that Latino communities have about the climate issue, more than 80% according to journalist Johani Ponce, Director of the news platform Huella Zero of the Sachamama organization.  For her, this is an opportunity to educate them about the issue, as they wish to do more.  

Psychiatrist Clara McHugh and licensed therapist Alicia Sewald-Cisneros called for the inclusion of mental health professionals in the frontline personnel assisting with climate disasters. Long-term care is also necessary for those affected to rebuild their lives.  

Engineer Emilio Buitrago highlighted that the renewable energy industry generated more than 500,000 new jobs in 2022 and the number continues to grow.  

Adam Lake, Head of Engagement, Climate Group North America, explained how we can move from mere debate to tangible action, leveraging key resources to drive more meaningful change. 

Ivan Oyege, Priyanka Belbase, Moses Kiwanuka, and Jordan Prats were the winners of the VISTA 2024 Award, VoLo’s recognition of graduate students who contribute findings in climate solutions, which they achieved through their work ” Evaluation of Plant Varieties for Green Roofs in South Florida.” 

Photographer and influencer Luca Martinez wrapped up the conference with an emotional talk where he displayed his original photographs and videos of the Everglades while sharing how he had turned this passion into a vocation.  

Additional Gains 

VoLo Foundation’s partner organization, Environmental Defense Fund, presented its online tool “Florida’s Climate Future,” aimed at guiding decision-making by leveraging the power of public data in the state.  

Additionally, ties between VoLo Foundation and art were strengthened through an art competition featuring 10 pieces in the event’s adjacent spaces. The foundation also announced a partnership with the Wyland Foundation to enhance artistic endeavors related to climate action. 

For David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel, co-founders and trustees of VoLo Foundation, the sixth Climate Correction conference on the organization’s tenth anniversary is much more than a milestone achieved: it is just the beginning of a conversation that must continue to evolve regarding actions and solutions to address the climate crisis.  



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