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By Thais Lopez Vogel 

The work carried out by Moms Clean Air Force caught my attention because, as a mother, I know we have a powerful sense of how to identify the risks that threaten our children. Clean air is one of my top priorities. 

I share a mutual concern with this organization: Florida is the second-largest producer of electricity in the U.S., and highly polluting natural gas powers our state. We host nine of the most contaminating power plants in the country. Natural gas is primarily methane, a potent and dangerous greenhouse gas. Toxic emissions from power plants have been linked to serious health issues like asthma, cardiovascular problems, and even cancer. Furthermore, natural gas is not only dirty but also expensive. 

In 2022, a story by WLRN stated “Florida residents and businesses likely will continue to feel the sting of high natural-gas prices when they pay electric bills next year”. 

It adds Florida Power & Light, Duke Energy Florida, and Tampa Electric Co. estimated that they already spent nearly $3.4 billion more than expected on power-plant fuel in 2022. 

The price of natural gas to power Florida homes is growing more volatile. Families struggling to pay their bills face the risk of electricity shutoffs, with life-or-death consequences. 

Keep in mind that our reliance on natural gas takes a toll on the environment. Let’s make this clear: natural gas is no more “natural” than any other fossil fuel. 

The problem goes far beyond burning the gas at the end of the chain. Prior to combustion, natural gas leaks at various stages of its journey. There are upstream leaks when drilling and extraction occur, during transportation along pipelines, at power plants, and in the homes or businesses where it is ultimately burned.  

Not only the air but also the water is usually polluted during the process of extraction. Water pollution has devastating impacts on human health and the environment. 

Let’s protect our natural ecosystems for future generations. 

It’s time to address this urgent issue. VoLo Foundation is joining Moms Clean Air Force in demanding affordable and sustainable energy solutions. Take action now and sign the petition here to tell Florida lawmakers: our families want clean energy powering our homes.  

Help give Florida a brighter future by urging our representatives to prioritize our health and environment. Together, we can pave the way toward a sustainable and healthy Florida, gain access to reliable energy, and protect our communities. 


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