Luca Martinez is the new influencer in English for VoLo Foundation

The young photographer is a true role model for his generation

By Carlos Roa

Luca Martinez, an accomplished nature and wildlife photographer is the new voice to boost VoLo Foundation’s message through social media.

Born and raised in Miami, Luca has enjoyed outdoors since he was a kid, which led him to develop a deep appreciation for the subtropical wilderness. He would often get lost for hours and days at a time, honing his skills as the eye to showcase the beauty of South Florida to the world.

His special attachment to the Everglades has driven him to capture this national park from unexpected perspectives, with his underwater photography being especially remarkable.

Luca’s point of view has reached over 110 million people worldwide, thanks to viral cinematic videos on social media platforms, primarily Instagram and TikTok. By mastering these platforms favored by young people, he effectively connects with his generation and raise awareness about conservation.

As an experienced environmental conference speaker, Luca knows how to engage his audience and deliver catchy calls to action.

In 2022, Luca was recognized as one of the ‘28 Youth Voices Making a Difference’, by the Everglades Foundation Magazine, earning the cover feature for the issue. Also collaborated with the Everglades Foundation for the UNESCO World heritage Collection digital exhibit.

From now on, Luca’s involvement will help amplify VoLo Foundation‘s message to accelerate change and have a global impact by supporting science-based climate solutions, enhancing education, and improving health, in a much broader way.

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