Roberto Manrique is the new influencer in Spanish for VoLo Foundation

With a recognized international career as an actor, Roberto has embarked on a passionate crusade for the environment, with his initiative Juntos X La Tierra

By Carlos Roa

The actor and activist for the environment Roberto Manrique is the new influencer in Spanish for VoLo Foundation, starting on June 15. This way, he will be bringing creative messages about climate action to his more than 3 million followers.

It is not the first time that Roberto and VoLo Foundation have collaborated. At the 2023 Climate Correction Conference, Roberto delivered his talk “The trip that taught me the formula to save the planet”.

It is an emotional account of his journey through Ecuador, Peru and Chile alone and without money, exchanging housing, food and transport for the promise of planting trees. At the end, he drew a standing ovation from the audience. The video can be seen (in Spanish) here.

This internationally renowned actor has shown passion and commitment to his work to raise environmental awareness, through his social networks. His creativity led him, during 2019, to launch his successful environmental campaign #JuntosXLaTierra (“Together for The Earth”), managing to plant 260,000 trees.

This initiative moves forward through, from where Roberto and his team are launching various environmental action initiatives.

In addition, he is the creator, director and producer of the web series ‘Revelaciones del Camino’, which seeks to inspire a commitment to sustainability. He is also a presenter and Global Ambassador for Green Awards for 10 years.

Roberto has also given talks promoting sustainability at prominent international events, including the United Nations Conference for the Oceans together with the renowned Dr. Silvia Earle. He is the winner of the Ekos Influencer Award in the Sustainability 2020 and 2021 category.

As for his extensive acting career, he is internationally recognized; mainly through productions by Telemundo network, such as Sin Senos sí hay Paraíso, El Clon, Flor Salvaje and Victorinos, among others.

He is the winner of the Latin Ace Award in New York, given by the Asociación de Cronistas del Espectáculo. He was also awarded the TvyNovelas Award in Colombia, for Sin senos si hay paraíso.

You can follow the motivating and creative messages that Roberto will bring us through his Instagram accounts @robertomanrique13 and @juntosxlatierra; as well as through VoLo Foundation’s social networks.

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