Syrena Swimwear and VoLo Foundation Present a Spectacular Eco-Friendly Swimwear Event at the Miami Botanical Gardens

Syrena Swimwear, a leading designer of modern and eco-friendly swimwear, is thrilled to unveil its summer collection at an upcoming event, SYRENA X THE OCEAN, to be held at the beautiful Miami Botanical Gardens on June 23, 2023. Runway models will catwalk an exquisite collection of over 12 new eco-friendly swimwear designs for the summer season.

SYRENA X THE OCEAN aims to raise awareness about ocean conservation and the importance of shopping with sustainability in mind. Hosting this event at the Miami Botanical Gardens highlights the interconnectedness of fashion and nature, encouraging attendees to embrace sustainable practices while enjoying the beauty of Florida’s lush and tropical environment.

Syrena Swimwear and VoLo Foundation have joined forces to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. Attendees are encouraged to participate by reusing their cocktail attire outfits or acquiring second-hand garments.

“By blending art, fashion and nature, it is possible to inspire environmental change because we educate about climate solutions at an emotional level.” says VoLo Foundation Co-founder Thais Lopez Vogel.

“Fast fashion destroys our environment and blocks small batch fashion designers from really being successful. Syrena doesn’t produce millions of pieces because I want to dress the fashionistas who care about sustainable fashion and those who dress both eco-friendly and stylish.” says Mila Miskovic, Syrena Founder and Chief Designer.

SYRENA X THE OCEAN at the Miami Botanical Gardens promises to be an unforgettable event, uniting fashion enthusiasts, sustainability advocates, and industry professionals in a shared vision for a greener future. Join us on June 23, 2023, as we celebrate the fusion of fashion and sustainability in a truly remarkable setting.

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