Syrena Swimwear, the confluence of fashion and climate action

Mila Miskovic masters how to bring both trendy and eco-friendly pieces to the runway

By Carlos Roa

VoLo Foundation partnered to unveil the summer collection by Syrena Swimwear on Friday, June 23. It was showcased at the Miami Botanical Garden under the title Syrena X the Ocean.  The collection featured over 12 new eco-friendly swimwear designs for the summer season.

Syrena’s partnership with VoLo aims to demonstrate to people that they can be fashionable and environmentally conscious at the same time.

Mila Miskovic, founder and chief designer of Syrena Swimwear stands as a trailblazer at the intersection of fashion and climate action. She states that “Fast fashion has been changing the dynamics of the fashion industry for the last 10-15 years.”

According to her, the younger generations frequently change their attire on a daily and weekly basis. “They take some quick social media pictures and then move on to the next. Fast fashion is the new way of living fast-paced lives with rapid changes”. This translates to huge quantities of products, more factories producing, and therefore a greater negative impact on the environment.

This is why Syrena makes a difference. “My business produces quality products by reducing quantities, resulting in less waste and less negative impact on the environment.”

Not only some of their garments are eco-friendly, but next year they will also introduce a new line of products made from sustainable materials for the environment.

Regarding the choice of venue for the runway show, she states: “We chose the Miami Botanical Garden because Syrena revolves around outdoor life and the enjoyment of nature. Our products encourage customers to embrace the beauty of nature, and in particular oceans, rivers and lakes”.

In conclusion, Mila emphasizes: “Let’s be realistic, people will never stop seeking new fashion. And now, we are offering high-quality fashion products that will last long time, and untimely protect the environment.”

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