Thais Lopez Vogel Ranked Among “The 100 Most Committed Latinos to Climate Action 2023”

The co-founder and trustee of VoLo Foundation was included for the third time in the referential list by the Sachamama organization, along with EFE Verde

By Carlos Roa

Thais Lopez Vogel, cofounder and trustee of VoLo Foundation, was included among the “100 Most Committed Latinos for Climate Action” of 2023. It is the third time the leader and activist has been featured in this space, after achieving it in 2020 and 2021.

The news was announced on October 24, International Climate Action Day, by the non-profit organization Sachamama, dedicated to combating climate change by disseminating environmental information focused on the Latino community.

Sachamama was joined by EFE Verde, Agencia EFE’s environmental news platform. This is the fifth consecutive edition of this list.

Pope Francis, singer-songwriter Carlos Vives, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, model and activist Gisele Bündchen, actress Eva Longoria, National Geographic resident explorer Enric Sala, and environmental and human rights activist Helena Gualinga, are other recognized personalities.

The list comprises social, business, scientific, political, and indigenous leaders, communicators, and activists who were nominated by more than 20 organizations that highlight their impact on the environmental struggle, sustainability, and actions in the face of the climate emergency.

“We Must Work Harder”

Thais said, regarding the news: “Being recognized again, confirms to me that this is a work that never ends. It is a reminder that we must educate ourselves more, work harder, understand more, not only the climate problem but also the societies affected”.

“The key is to take action and invite others to join in,” she added.

Thais Lopez Vogel is an attorney who manages her family’s private foundation. VoLo Foundation gets its name from the combination of the last names of David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel.

The couple founded VoLo in 2014 with the premise that because they have the capacity to help others, they should do so. Thais and her husband are known for their support of environmental conservation organizations. She spearheaded the creation of Florida Climate Week thus giving rise to the most significant climate-related event in the Southeastern United States.  

Thais states that the reason she is inspired to take action now is her six children. In her own words, “Many of the most important lessons I’ve learned come from them. They will always be my inspiration and I owe it to them to do everything in my power to secure and protect their future.” 

It is noteworthy that the selection of these leaders was the result of a meticulous evaluation process conducted by a panel of eight judges with extensive experience in the field of climate activism, environmental communication, environmental rights, sustainability policy advocacy, and scientific research.

Among them are Lorena Arroyo, a journalist specializing in sustainability, innovation, and technology in Latin America for the newspaper El País; Alex Lucitante, an indigenous activist from the A’iKofán community; and Xiye Bastida, co-founder of the Re-Earth initiative.

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