Trash 2 Trends Returns to Orlando on April 17th

The goal is to raise funds to promote sustainability by fusing fashion and art with environmental responsibility

By Carlos Roa

The 2024 Trash 2 Trends event will take place this Wednesday, April 17th, in Orlando, Florida. This time, it will be held at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

VoLo Foundation is sponsoring this event, presented by the City of Orlando.

Trash 2 Trends is a fundraiser that brings together fashion and art from local artists with the environmental community to promote sustainability in an innovative way.

Designers create looks from items destined for the landfill; these designs are showcased on a runway, and the money raised by this event goes back to the Orlando community to increase recycling, prevent waste, and beautify neighborhoods, green spaces, and commercial districts.   

VoLo Foundation invited Venezuelan-American visual artist and fashion designer from Miami, Lisu Vega, who prioritizes sustainability in her work. “I always think that sustainability has an infinite scope in the realm of artistic creation,” says Lisu.

We’re in Time to Change

Antonio Gomez, brand ambassador for VoLo Foundation, has been responsible for developing the connection between this organization and the event. He believes it is necessary to embrace participation in a wide variety of activities that interest people, as is the case with art and fashion.

“It’s the best way to convey our message of climate action to as many people as possible,” he explains.

He continues: “Fashion, like art, is subjective. But what is neither subjective nor normal is the damage that fashion industries are causing to the planet. It’s a serious matter, considering that nature has the power to restore itself; but we as consumers, and as humanity, cannot.”

According to the Royal Waste Services website, a company dedicated to sustainable waste reduction strategies, in 2023 the fashion industry produced a staggering 97 million tons of waste per year, of which 18 million were textile scraps, 2.5 million chemical waste, and 3 million packaging materials. They add that alarming patterns show an increase in fast fashion contributions, exacerbating environmental problems.

Antonio Gomez continues: “Fashion and the textile industry are a fact; we must recognize the damage they have caused so far; but it is up to us to decide to dress responsibly. This way, we can change industry patterns, mainly for our future well-being.”

Sustainable fashion is crucial at a time when the textile industry is generating an impactful amount of waste.

Events like this not only raise awareness about the environmental impact of fast fashion but also demonstrate how creativity and innovation can transform discarded materials into functional pieces and works of art.

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts is located at 445 South Magnolia Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801. Those interested in attending can find details and ticket sales at this link.

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