VoLo Foundation Selects Philanthropy Tank Student Program for Its VoLo Green Award

VoLo Foundation recently awarded its VoLo Green Award to Down to Earth, a Philanthropy Tank student program founded by Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts Junior, Daisy Li. VoLo Foundation chose Down to Earth as a program that best exhibits its commitment to the climate and green initiatives.

Down to Earth seeks to educate fourth and fifth grade students in Palm Beach County public and charter schools about climate change, and mobilize them and their families to practice sustainability through the perspective-shifting opportunity to view Science on a Sphere, a six-foot diameter NOAA globe projection screen that visualizes Earth systems in three dimensions.

Down to Earth was also awarded funds and a mentor at the recent Philanthropy Tank Finals Event on March 8th.

“I’m so excited and overwhelmed with so much excitement. I see a lot of potential in this project and hopefully with the funds and the mentorship, I’ll be able to finally allow it to take off,” says Li.

“At VoLo Foundation, we believe that environmental education is key to a sustainable future. Without it, we cannot hope to overcome the pressing environmental challenges of our time. That’s why we are proud to present this award to a remarkable woman who is actively working toward this vision and bringing it to life. Her efforts serve as a shining example of what is possible when we prioritize environmental education,” says Thais Lopez Vogel, VoLo Foundation Co-Founder.

VoLo Foundation Co-Founder David S. Vogel adds, “VoLo Foundation supports Philanthropy Tank’s CHANGEmakers to encourage opportunities for students.  Advancing future generations is a solid investment.”

Philanthropy Tank challenges, empowers, and equips the next generation of CHANGEmakers to develop and execute sustainable initiatives and solutions to solve problems in their communities. Philanthropist Investors fund student initiatives, investing in their own community projects. Through one-to-one mentoring, philanthropist investors fuel students’ desire, helping them execute initiatives, while increasing their ability to make meaningful change.

To date, Philanthropy Tank student-led programs in Palm Beach County and Baltimore have impacted more than 300,000 lives; more than 1000 students have participated in the student programs; and more than $750,000 in grant money has been awarded to nearly 70 student-led projects. www.philanthropytank.org.

VoLo Foundation (VoLo) is a private, nonoperating foundation in Jupiter, Florida. VoLo believes in developing knowledge and sharing information that has the potential to create global impact. Through original research and analysis, and in collaboration with philanthropic and academic partners, VoLo aims to enrich the lives of individuals, strengthen communities, and educate future generations. Learn more and subscribe to VoLo Climate News at volofoundation.org.




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