VoLo Foundation Sponsored Omar K11 Concert

With over 20 years of career, Omar has adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle. The musician invited an audience of more than four hundred people to take action to care for the environment

By Carlos Roa

VoLo Foundation sponsored the recent concert of musician Omar K11 in Miami. The event took place on June 6 at the Flamingo Theater Bar in Brickell. The artist had never performed a concert in the City of the Sun, although he had previously participated in various events. With a career spanning two decades, he first achieved fame in his native Venezuela before embarking on an international path. His compositions have been performed by stars such as Karol G, Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Yandel, Yatra, Turizo, Morat, Chino & Nacho, among others.

The Birth of the Idea

Omar approached VoLo Foundation due to his growing interest in climate change, the need to raise awareness, and the urgency of taking action. He explains that his wife, Stephanie, has been involved in environmental care from a young age, which has led him to change his lifestyle, increasing his awareness in this regard. Omar says he is more careful about what he does, avoids consuming food or drinks in plastic, and participates in beach cleanups.

For VoLo Foundation, it was an excellent opportunity to open conversations about climate change in the most diverse forums, such as in this case, Miami’s nightlife music scene. “We want more awareness and education among artists and music listeners,” said Thais López Vogel, co-founder and trustee of VoLo Foundation.

It was a key venue to deliver the message of climate action, as the Florida metropolis is among the most affected in the world by this situation.

Therefore, efforts were made to ensure the concert was as green, clean, and eco-friendly as possible. The concert, held at the Flamingo Theater Bar in Brickell, with an attendance of over 400 people, achieved a “sold out” status. It featured the presence of several artists and influencers from the city.

A Green Concert

Polluting elements were eliminated from both the equipment and the venue. For instance, glassware was used instead of plastic cups for attendees, and single-use plastics were removed from the stage. VoLo Foundation also gifted attendees with recycled material notebooks and reusable bags for daily use. All of this conveyed the message that small actions can improve the environment if everyone does their part. Omar urged those present to take action “because this is the only planet where we can live. If we don’t take action, how far are we going to go, where will future generations end up?”

In the future, VoLo Foundation will continue supporting all those committed to raising their voices to draw attention to climate change. Therefore, it will collaborate with Omar on two videos for his Instagram, where he has over 255,000 followers. One of them will encourage the purchase of second-hand clothing; the other will be a review of the concert. Omar can be followed on Instagram @omar.k11.

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