VoLo Foundation sponsored Syrena Swimwear’s 2024 Collection Showcase

Featuring 17 models and attended by over 200 guests, the sold-out showcase highlighted designer Mila Miskovic’s environmentally conscious designs

By Carlos Roa

In a stunning showcase of eco-friendly fashion, VoLo Foundation sponsored the “Fashion with Conscience” event, unveiling Syrena Swimwear‘s 2024 collection. Described by organizers as “An evening of elegance and sustainability,” the event saw 17 models grace the runway before a sold-out crowd of over 200 attendees at The Temple House in Miami Beach.

The exclusive event highlighted Syrena Swimwear’s commitment to sustainable fashion. Designer Mila Miskovic, known for her dedication to environmentally conscious design, joined efforts with VoLo Foundation to ensure the swimwear was both stylish and eco-friendly. The foundation aims to bring the conversation about climate change to every possible platform, making this night of fashion and art a perfect venue to spread their message.

The evening’s program emphasized raising awareness about the environmental issues caused by the fashion industry when improperly managed. Thais Lopez Vogel, co-founder and trustee of VoLo Foundation, stated: “Fast fashion represents an industry that depletes the Earth’s finite resources. Each short-lived and easily disposable garment contributes to excessive waste, exploiting fertile soil, polluting freshwater reservoirs, contaminating the atmosphere and oceans, endangering forests, and disrupting ecosystems.”

Sustainability was a key consideration throughout the event, with efforts made to avoid using plastic. The beach-themed ambiance, fitting for both the swimwear and the Miami Beach location, was designed to make attendees feel as if they were at the shore, experiencing various times of day by the sea. This was achieved through immersive projections that surrounded the show. Additionally, the runway was crafted from sand, enhancing the beach atmosphere.

Adding to the event’s eco-conscious message, an artwork made from recyclable materials by Sophie Ringel, founder, and executive director of Clean Miami Beach, was exhibited. Clean Miami Beach is a nonprofit organization that conducts weekly cleanups to remove trash and raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic on the area’s delicate ecosystem. Sophie has also been announced as the new influencer for VoLo Foundation, furthering their mission to promote environmental sustainability.

The “Fashion with Conscience” event was not only a testament to Syrena Swimwear’s innovative and environmentally friendly designs but also a powerful statement on the urgent need for sustainability in the fashion industry. Through events like these, VoLo Foundation continues to engage the public and foster a greater understanding of the impact of fashion on our planet.

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