VoLo Foundation Uses Data to Fight Climate Change

David and Thais Vogel VoLo Foundation

Data scientist David S. Vogel founded Voloridge Investment Management in 2009, and in 2014 he and his wife Thais Lopez Vogel founded VoLo Foundation with the goal of using a data-driven approach to philanthropic efforts.

“As a data scientist I was a skeptic who wanted to get informed,” VoLo Founder David said.

What he found disturbed him. The data he studied, all of which came from public sources, showed a direct correlation between the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and the temperature of the planet, and between rising temperature and certain types of weather patterns. Furthermore, the data showed clear connections between global warming and real-world trends in economic growth, healthcare and more.

David’s fund is now making climate change-related risks and opportunities a logical part of its investment strategies. But he also is making it a core focus for the non-profit that he and his wife, Thais Lopez Vogel, launched in 2014.

VoLo Foundation began as a way for the Vogels to give something back, with a focus on issues they felt drawn to personally including education, poverty and healthcare projects as well as climate change. But roughly 70% of the foundation’s efforts have been climate-related.

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