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Over the past year, our Health Team has experienced significant growth in various areas including personnel, scientific projects, external outreach, and philanthropic giving. One noteworthy expansion has been in our data science department, where we’ve welcomed new team members, bolstering our analytical capabilities, and diversifying our expertise. This influx of talent has empowered us to expedite collaborative endeavors with the academic research groups we support. Furthermore, it has enabled us to embark on fresh independent research ventures in the realm of personalized medicine. 

In alignment with our commitment to education, we extended opportunities to seven students from Florida Atlantic University’s Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College. These students participated in a 10-week summer internship, during which they delved into extensive research on the role of diagnostic blood tests in monitoring overall health and wellness across a person’s lifetime. Their contributions, including numerous presentations and reports, have significantly enriched our internal research initiatives. We eagerly anticipate providing further career advancement opportunities next year. 

Throughout the past year, we’ve actively increased our presence at scientific and medical conferences, fostering new connections, and acquiring knowledge in the fields of longevity and personalized medicine. Notably, we were delighted to attend the annual conference organized by The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), affording us the chance to interact with leaders in this evolving healthcare sector. Subsequently, we forged a valuable partnership with IFM and the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA). 

This collaboration aims to support scholarships for health coaches and physicians seeking education in functional medicine. Through this initiative, we aspire to enhance accessibility and promote the adoption of functional medicine—an approach centered on preventive, patient-focused healthcare geared toward long-term wellness. 

Additionally, we expanded our support for Dr. Ali Torkamani at Scripps Research, broadening the scope of the Prospective Electronic Polygenetic Risk Study (PEPRS) concerning experimental molecular measures. Our contributions to Scripps Research garnered recognition on the cover of the February 2023 issue of the Palm Beach Society Magazine. This feature delves into our involvement in the program and our collective dedication to mitigating the incidence of cardiovascular disease. 

Wrapping up a fruitful year, we established a new partnership with The Methuselah Foundation, jointly backing The Biomarkers of Aging Consortium—an initiative uniting scholars and practitioners in the development, validation, and implementation of biomarkers for aging and longevity. We’ve provided support for ongoing consortium activities, including the 2023 Biomarkers of Aging Symposium, a full-day, in-person event scheduled for December 4th, 2023, at The Buck Institute in Novato, California. We look forward to our participation! 



The key for improved health and longevity is a better understanding of the data in our bodies. An abundance of fantastic research is now taking place due to improved technology and the decreasing cost of obtaining actionable data on ourselves. Our role as a data-oriented foundation is to accelerate this knowledge, through funding and collaboration with research groups that are engaged at key inflection points of data-driven solutions to our most critical, unresolved health challenges. 

– David S. Vogel 

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