Our affiliates

At VoLo Foundation, we are proud to collaborate with the following outstanding organizations. 

Voloridge Investment Management was launched in 2009 by David S. Vogel with the goal of creating a world-class quantitative systemic investment management firm. As the Founder and CEO of Investment Management, LLC, David is a renowned predictive modeling expert with over fifteen years of experience in finance. As Co-Founder/Trustee and Chief Scientist of VoLo Foundation he conducts the scientific data research gathered to create awareness around the effects of climate change. 

Having spent many years as a preeminent voice connecting science and climate change to raise awareness on the topic, David S. Vogel, Co-Founder/Trustee and Chief Scientist at VoLo Foundation, and the team are widening their focus into the biology of healthy aging. Through research, funding, and collaboration with top-tier scientists, VoLo Foundation Health applies its data modeling expertise to assist with cutting-edge research that has the potential to improve human healthspan.

VoLo Earth addresses our planet’s climate crisis at its roots by providing first-in funding and hands-on leadership to early-stage climate tech companies. We strive to grow, propagate and capitalize on climate solutions with an intent to deliver superior investment returns and quantifiable carbon benefit.