Children as High-Risk Group for Climate Health Impacts

In this episode of the “Climate Correction Podcast,” we delve into a pressing concern that affects the very heart of our future—the impact of climate change on our children’s health. Our guest, Dr. Judy Schaechter, a distinguished Pediatric Environmental Health Specialist, sheds light on the unique vulnerabilities of children as a high-risk group for climate-related health issues. 

Children, with their developing bodies and heightened exposure to environmental hazards, face a range of health challenges due to climate change. Dr. Schaechter emphasizes that increasing heat-related illnesses, worsening air quality-related respiratory problems, and the spread of vector-borne diseases to new areas are just a few of the threats our children confront. 

Importantly, we explore the social disparities in climate risks, recognizing that climate impacts are not evenly distributed. Low-income communities and communities of color bear a disproportionate burden, with issues like substandard housing and limited healthcare access exacerbated by climate change. Dr. Schaechter stresses the need for equity-focused policies, resilient infrastructure, and community engagement to address these disparities effectively. 

For parents eager to protect their children from climate-related health risks, Dr. Schaechter offers valuable advice. She encourages parents to engage in local climate action groups, support climate-focused legislation, and educate their children about environmental stewardship. Parents’ voices can also significantly impact climate legislation through actions such as writing to elected officials and participating in grassroots campaigns. 

As we conclude this session, we are reminded of the profound role parents can play in advocating for policies that safeguard our children’s well-being. Dr. Judy Schaechter’s insights serve as a clarion call to action, emphasizing that our collective efforts today are pivotal in securing a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come. 

Here are things you can do today:  

  1. Get rid of standing water; 
  1. Find and create shade; 
  1. Avoid peak hours of heat; 
  1. Keep mosquitos away at all costs; 
  1. Choose less meat; 
  1. Adolescent anxiety – find out what makes your child’s mental health and help them understand what they can and can’t control; and 
  1. Share more and show up at city council meetings. 

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