Circular economy and the acceleration of carbon removal

Jason Dodier, Co-Founder of the GRAIN Ecosystem, is a visionary American business professional committed to revolutionizing carbon dioxide removal global project development through digitization, transparency, and increased access to capital. Based in New York City, he played a key role in advancing Energy as a Service microgrid in the U.S., notably contributing to the groundbreaking JFK’s New Terminal One Microgrid.Drawing from a rich and varied background encompassing operations, business development, marketing, and sales management, Jason spent more than a decade living and working internationally in the dynamic landscapes of North America, the Middle East, and Europe with Schneider Electric, SE. His tenure was characterized by a steadfast commitment to hastening climate transformation and advancing energy efficiency all over the world.Beyond his professional endeavors, Jason co-founded Fountainhead Rhode Island, a forward-thinking non-profit. His dual role as a trailblazer in sustainable energy and a force behind transformative non-profit initiatives reflects his commitment to shaping a more sustainable and progressive future.

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