Climate Correction™ 2024 – Empowering Youth for Climate Action: Community Solutions in Action

This panel will focus on the vital role of youth in implementing effective climate solutions within their communities. As the group who is most impacted by climate issues, yet having contributed the least to the problem, centering the voices of youth climate leaders is critical for equity. Highlighting the urgency of climate change, youth climate advocates will share their perspectives on the climate crisis and provide an overview of their climate initiatives to combat environmental challenges at the local level. From mangrove restoration to community gardens, the panel will showcase a range of grassroots efforts led by passionate young activists. Panelists will discuss the challenges youth face in mobilizing communities, emphasizing the need for collaboration with local stakeholders, educational institutions, and government bodies. They will also highlight the role of educational programs such as the FXB Climate Advocates program and others to support emerging leaders in their climate endeavors. 

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