Climate Correction™ 2024 – VISTA Award Presentation- Evaluation of Plant Varieties for Green Roofs in South Florida

Green roofs are innovative roofing systems that support plant growth on buildings. They replace traditional roofing materials with a layer of soil for vegetation, offering various benefits such as mitigating the heat island effect, reducing stormwater runoff and sequestering carbon. However, implementing green roofs in the challenging climate of Miami and South Florida is a formidable task due to high humidity, extreme heat, desiccating winds, and hurricanes. The urgency is underscored by Miami’s ranking as the third-worst Urban Heat Island Effect city in the US. The intensity of the problem is evident by the recent appointment of the world’s first Chief Heat Officer for Miami-Dade County, underlining the severity of Miami’s Urban Heat Island Effect. This problem affects residents, and addressing it through greening the city, including green roofs, is crucial. This project aims to recommend resilient plant species for South Florida green roofs, focusing on their carbon sequestration capabilities and reducing the urban heat island effect. This initiative’s significance lies in mitigating climate change effects, fostering sustainable urban ecosystems, reducing carbon footprints, enhancing biodiversity, and improving urban well-being. Recognizing the urgent need for climate solutions, the project seeks to provide actionable insights for addressing South Florida’s pressing climate issues. 


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