Climate Migration and Mental Health

Alicia Sewald is a hard-working, creative, and intelligent nurturer. She is a supportive connector and a bicultural, bilingual Licensed Professional Counselor. Formerly, as a teacher, she built three elementary-school Spanish programs in different private schools. In this episode, Alicia will be discussing climate migration, which refers to the displacement of individuals due to the adverse effects of climate change, including rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and resource scarcity. This phenomenon often leads to significant psychological and emotional impacts on those forced to leave their homes.Climate migrants frequently face challenges in adapting to new environments, cultures, and social structures, exacerbating mental health issues. These struggles highlight the urgent need for comprehensive policies that address both the physical and psychological aspects of climate migration.Recognizing the interconnectedness of climate change, migration, and mental health is crucial for fostering a more compassionate and effective response to this pressing global challenge.

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