Communicate Weather and Climate with Humor and Fun

Today’s guests, Dr. Ellen Prager and Dave Jones have found engaging, relevant, and understandable methods to bring the science of ocean, atmosphere, and climate issues to the so-called, ‘non-choir.’ Presenting the information in such innovative and entertaining ways keeps them committed to finding new approaches to reach their target audience. This is crucial since climate change is a critical topic for everyone, not solely those interested in science.

Ellen and Dave have an extensive network within the broadcast meteorology community and work to bring them together with leading climate scientists through extreme weather, climate change, and community resilience summits. They believe broadcast meteorologists offer an especially effective way to reach people with scientific information about more than just weather, such as climate change. Additionally, they have written a book for Columbia University Press to engage the public and help combat misinformation about the ocean, marine life, weather, hurricanes, climate change, and more. Their thesis focuses on the frequently asked and sometimes oddball questions they and their colleagues receive, using easy-to-understand answers and some humor to make it more interesting. The title is tentatively ”Megalodons, Mermaids, and Climate Change: You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers. Ask Away!!!,” which is slated to come out in Fall 2024. 

Ellen and Dave hope to complete a series of public-oriented events associated with the book and restart the summits (the last one was right before COVID) in the next year or two, especially as the impacts of climate change are expected to get more extreme in the future. Climate change doesn’t cause hurricanes, wildfires, heat waves, or flooding, but it makes them more extreme with costly and, in some cases, tragic consequences.

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