Season 1, Episode 1: Climate Correction™: The Keynote event of Florida Climate Week – Exploring the Positive Impact of Climate Change Solutions

Episode 1 introduces you to data scientist, David S. Vogel, and attorney, Thais Lopez Vogel, co-founders of VoLo Foundation. They discuss their data and research on climate change with a focus on tying together data, economic, health, and educational impact and research. The Vogels, a husband and wife team, are dedicated to bringing meaning to the numbers and sharing what they find with all Floridians.

With his team’s research, David Vogel shares data points to showcase the impact of climate change on a local and global scale. The dramatic effects a two-degree change in our oceans has on our weather patterns and how pollination emissions are affecting respiratory illnesses are just two of the things visibly measurable by data.

Thais Lopez Vogel discusses the massive effects Florida has experienced as a result of climate change that has seen rising water levels in the area. When doing the Climate Correction conference in Florida, she engages in discussions with students and leaders in this space. Vogel likes narrowing in on the solutions. She states, “Don’t give me the problem, give me the solution.”

The show ends with a round-table discussion about technology. The technology that helps our climate already exists in today’s market, and the three talk about how we need to have the awareness and willingness to change our behavior.

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