Season 1, Episode 16: How Building Authentic Relationships Leads to Climate Change Solutions – Laura Betts, Climate Reality Project

Laura Betts is a former sustainability leader at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts and is currently a program manager at CLEO Institute. She is a Climate Reality Leader in Orlando, FL, a mentor and recipient of the prestigious Green Ring Award from the Climate Reality Project.

The Climate Reality Project works to catalyze global solutions to the climate change crisis by making urgent action a necessity across every level of society. Laura believes the best way to bring people together is through building authentic connections, understanding culture and history, and communicating effectively.

These skills are what earned Laura the Green Ring Award which is presented to Climate Reality Leaders who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to their role as climate communicators and activists.

Laura encourages listeners to sign up for the Climate Reality Project, get involved in their local communities, and learn about climate change on a global level.


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