Season 1, Episode 17: How Cultivating Public Support Leads to a Team of Climate Change Activists – Ken Berlin_Climate Reality Project

Ken Berlin’s early childhood passion for birdwatching led him to a career focused on environment, energy, and climate change issues. Ken is the President & CEO of Climate Reality Project and is recognized as one of the top climate change attorneys in the world.

Founded in 2006 by Vice President, Al Gore, The Climate Reality Project is a global organization of world changers working to solve the climate crisis and build a just and healthy future for our planet. Focused on building community support from the ground up, they have trained over 34,000 climate reality leaders between the ages of 12-89 in 169 countries around the globe.

During this episode, Ken shares some major successes, what work still needs to be done, and how a focus on climate change solutions will not only impact our planet but also ensure environmental justice for all while positively impacting our economy.

Ken encourages us to get out into nature to build a close relationship with the world around us, and see for ourselves how climate change is impacting our world.


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