Season 1, Episode 2: Explore the Profound Climate Changes Impacting Florida – Dawn Shirreffs, Environmental Defense Fund

Dawn Shirreffs, the Florida Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, shares the profound climate changes happening right now in Florida.

Unlike other states in different regions, Florida has its own very real and lasting effects due to climate change. With powerful hurricanes and low-lying land, Florida is experiencing an increase in flooding and structural damage to the area.

Shirreffs explains specific needs for the community. More than just science-based reasoning, EDF works with scientists, policymakers, economists, and community representatives to make sure all communities are taken care of.

Florida’s economy will feel the impact too. Shirreffs’s data suggests that in the next 20 years, Florida will see a 5-8% increase in electricity usage, rising homeowners insurance costs, and decreasing property values because of climate change.

Shirreffs shares what we can do to have a positive impact on climate change.

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