Season 1, Episode 25: Climate Week NYC 2021: Fast Tracking Finance: The crucial role of investors and financiers in the Climate Decade

The renewed US domestic climate agenda will drive demand for green innovation and investments with new approaches to scaling up finance for climate-aligned sectors and infrastructure. According to a recent Princeton University study, Net Zero America, in order for the United States to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide by 2050 it would require at least $2.5 trillion in upfront additional capital investment over the next decade. Yet, the cost for inaction and the impact on the environment, human health, and the economy is immeasurable. What the broader financial community does now will help determine the fate of the planet on which humanity relies. This session will explore the innovations and pathways needed for the financial system to accelerate investments toward a zero-carbon economy.


• Amy Davidsen, Executive Director, North America, Climate Group

• Jonah Goldman, Managing Director, Breakthrough Energy

• Alexandra Liftman, Global Environmental Executive, Bank of America

• Mindy Lubber, CEO & President, CERES

• Susan Mac Cormac, Principle, Chair of Social Enterprise and Impact Investing Group and Co-Chair of Energy and Cleantech Group, Morrison & Forester, LLP

• Kathryn I. Murtagh Esq., Chief Compliance Officer & MD of Sustainable Investing, Harvard Management Company, Inc.

• Fiona Reynolds, CEO, PRI • Anne Simpson, Managing Investment Director, Board Governance & Sustainability, CalPERS

• Dr Andrew Steer, CEO & President, Bezos Earth Fund

• Tom Steyer, Founder, Beneficial State Bank

• Jason Storah, CEO, Aviva Canada

• Marilyn Waite, Climate & Clean Energy Finance Program Officer, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation


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