Season 1, Episode 27: What Ice Can Tell Us About Climate Change – Lonnie Thompson, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center

For over 40 years, distinguished university professor and senior research scientist, Lonnie Thompson, has been collecting ice to analyze the effects of climate change. He’s led 64 expeditions conducting ice core drilling programs in 16 countries.

Lonnie shares how he first became interested in studying ice, and how his early failure led to the development of the first solar-powered drilling equipment launching a whole new area of research. The results of these studies have been published in more than 260 articles.

The history of the earth’s climate is recorded in glaciers around the world, sums up what is happening in the environment, and allows us the opportunity to respond to what we are seeing. By studying the data in the ice core, we are able to understand data through the course of time, long before humans were around to record it.

This intriguing interview will leave you rethinking what you thought you knew about ice!


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