Season 1, Episode 28: Fighting Air Inequality Through Open Data and Community – Chisato Fukuda Calvert, OpenAQ

Chisato Fukuda Calvert is Deputy Director of OpenAQ, an environmental tech non-profit empowering communities around the world to clean their air by harmonizing, sharing, and using open-air quality data.

1 in 8 deaths in the world is due to poor air quality making this one of the largest public health threats of our time. With climate change, this issue is becoming even more pressing.

OpenAQ is a one-stop shop for real-time and historical air quality data tracking 7 main ambient air pollutants. By making data more accessible and digestible, they empower local communities to create lasting change.

OpenAQ provides synergy between stakeholders and sectors to bring people together to collectively work together to identify the core issues as it relates to air pollution within the community. Chisato shares their goals for the future and ways that people can get more involved.


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