Season 1, Episode 4: Using Art to Communicate Risks from Climate Change – Yoca Arditi-Rocha, CLEO Institute

In this episode of the Climate Correction podcast, Shannon talks art, education, and activism with Yoca Arditi-Rocha, Executive Director of The CLEO Institute. The CLEO Institute is a Florida-based organization that promotes change through direct messaging in local communities. Their latest campaign, #FLClimateCrisis, was an ingenious way to capture art and activism for the general public.

Arditi-Rocha explains that it’s important for people to connect the dots within their communities about how climate change is affecting them directly. Each region of Florida is vulnerable, it just takes education to understand the impacts.

Yoca lists the many different methods of education and outreach they have done, but one thing remains constant in how CLEO communicates: using data to create simple, consumable pieces of information. This simplicity will help connect in a personal way that many people can care about to inspire conservation and protection.

Arditi-Rocha quotes Jacques Cousteau in an effort to bring the point home, “We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught.” This planet is what we have in common. If there’s one thing to unite us all, it’s this planet we call home.


CLEO’s artistic campaign:

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