Season 1, Episode 7: What are CFCs and HFCS, and They Really Affect Climate Change? – David Doniger, NRDC

David Doniger is the Senior Strategic Director of the Climate and Clean Energy Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. He has been at the forefront of the battle against air pollution and global climate change since joining NRDC in 1978. During his esteemed career, he helped formulate the Montreal Protocol, served on the White House Council of Environmental Quality, and held key posts at the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In this episode, David explains the connection between CFCs and HFCs and the impact they have on our environment. While much work has been done to eliminate the production of CFCs in our everyday appliances, we must now turn our attention to phasing out harmful HFCs.

In December 2020, the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act was passed to phase out HFCs, and charges EPA with issuing regulations and curbing specific uses of HFCs.

David also shares important information on how we can do our part to work toward this goal. (160)


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