Season 1, Episode 8: Why Young Conservatives Should Care About Climate Change – Kiera O’Brien Young, Conservatives for Carbon Dividends

Kiera O’Brien is the founder and president of Young Conservatives for Carbon Dividends. She co-founded the organization as a means to bridge the gap between what conservatism meant to her at home in Alaska and what she was seeing on her college campus at Harvard.

Kiera is passionate about responsible environmental policy-making and conservative politics. She believes that climate involvement and advocacy are for everyone!

In this episode, Kiera talks about why young conservatives should be involved in the climate issue and why it’s an issue for everyone to care about regardless of political affiliation. Climate is truly a non-partisan issue and transcends politics. She provides an in-depth overview of The Baker-Shultz Carbon Dividends Plan – a market-driven strategy, built around bedrock conservative principles. They believe that this is a winning plan to unleash American innovation and entrepreneurship, promote clean and abundant energy, and ensure continued American prosperity.


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