Florida’s Decarbonized Future: Groundbreaking Report by The Nature Conservancy

Today’s guest is Sofia Leon, Climate Innovation and Fundraising Lead for The Nature Conservancy, Florida Chapter.  She joined the organization in 2017 and splits her time between the philanthropy and climate strategy teams. She is the critical leader and relationship builder in connecting donors and partners with the TNC staff, related to the Florida chapter’s climate and fundraising efforts. She manages the Miami Council, which is an advisory group made up of professionals who catalyze climate innovation in Miami.

She recently helped produce a groundbreaking new study on the economic impact of decarbonizing Florida. 

The overall goal of the study is to dispel the myth that decarbonization will cost Floridians more than it will benefit us.  

  • Net Zero Power Systems and a Net Zero Economy will allow Florida to prosper, driving continued progress and growth for generations to come.   
  • Report offers a positive vision for Florida’s short- and long-term future: Florida will continue to grow as a hub for energy and manufacturing sector, a national thought-leader in technology and engineering and a profitable place for investors and innovators to start companies, expand ideas and collaborate.  
  • Florida is already making progress and continued investments will have positive long term and short-term impacts. 
  • Continued energy investments will create higher-paying jobs, offering boundless opportunities for workers of all skills and education levels.   
  • Lower consumer costs and better opportunities afforded by decarbonization will catalyze increased consumer spending, including in-state economic activity.  

Here is a piece of news about it: https://floridapolitics.com/archives/664839-report-net-zero-is-possible-and-good-for-economic-growth/#:~:text=Economic%20decarbonization%20in%20Florida%20under,could%20redirect%20into%20other%20sectors. 

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