Go Plastic Free to Fight Climate Change – J.P. Brooker – Ocean Conservancy

Jon Paul “J.P.” Brooker is a Florida advocate for climate change through environmental law, fishery regulations, and ocean conservancy. He sits on the Executive Council of the Florida Bar’s Environment & Land Use Law Section. Additionally, J.P. serves on the Governmental and Public Policy Advocacy and Admiralty Law committees for the Florida Bar. He is a co-chair of public interest and also serves on the coral advisory panel for the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. He is also the director of the Florida headquarters for the Florida Conservation for the Ocean Conservancy. J.P. and the Ocean Conservancy have made recent successes in habit protection in multiple areas, such as bringing seagrass preservation into the conversation and the victory in legislation that would allow municipalities to ban cigarette smoking on beaches, a high plastic-based single use item that has been number 1 of the top 10 plastic items picked up from FL beaches.   In this episode, J.P. discusses the importance of the actions of every individual in the protection of our environment and ocean and how everyone can get involved in either an individual or group effort. He highlights the importance of limiting single use plastics and microplastics that accumulate in everything from fish to birds to humans. Additionally, he addresses the Red Tide, a real fear and threat for Florida residents and wildlife.   Additional ways to help: International Coastal Clean-up   Connect and Collect   Clean Swell App

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