NASA’s Involvement in the Fight Against Climate Change featuring Dorian Janney of NASA

Most of us have defining moments that made us fall in love with the world, space, and the environment. It is most often this love and connection that starts us on a path for sustainability and activism against climate change. Dorian Janney is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission and in today’s episode she shares her story and the science of her job with us. In her present role, she educates in multiple settings and across various grade levels with a focus on science, technology, and real-world applications of GPM. She is a member of the GLOBE program and is an active mentor. 

As the GPM Education and Outreach Coordinator, Dorian Janney focuses on providing educational and informational data to students, educators, and everyday people. She brings people from all walks of life together to maximize NASA’s resources, information, and data. In this episode, join us as Dorian Janney walks us through how GPM data is acquired, its significance, what the scientific community is noticing, and on how we as listeners and activists can make a real impact and assist NASA and other organizations in data collection and communication. 

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