Rafe Pomerance: An original climate advocate and co-founder of the Global Warming Mitigation Project

In this podcast episode, we have the privilege of interviewing Rafe Pomerance, an influential environmentalist and climate advocate, as he discussed his groundbreaking work with the Global Warming Mitigation Project beginning in the 1970s.  Pomerance’s journey into climate advocacy began during his time as a political appointee in the U.S. Department of State, where he became deeply concerned about the threat of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. 

Pomerance co-founded the Global Warming Mitigation Project in 1990, an initiative aimed at addressing the urgent challenge of climate change through international collaboration and policy action. Under Pomerance’s leadership, the project successfully raised public awareness about global warming, reaching policymakers, businesses, and the public through media outreach and public speaking engagements. One of their notable achievements was their pivotal role in the negotiation and adoption of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992, which laid the foundation for international cooperation on climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

During the episode, Pomerance also discussed his involvement with ReThink Energy, a Florida nonprofit. This organization focuses on promoting renewable energy sources and advocating for a transition away from fossil fuels. Pomerance emphasized the importance of rethinking our energy systems and the need for swift action to mitigate climate change. 

Throughout the conversation, Pomerance emphasized the urgency of the climate crisis and the necessity for collaboration among nations, policymakers, scientists, and the public. He stressed the significance of scientific evidence in driving policy decisions and highlighted the importance of individual engagement in sustainable choices and supporting organizations working towards climate solutions. 

As the episode concluded, listeners were encouraged to educate themselves about climate change, support local and global climate organizations, and actively engage in discussions and actions that promote climate action. Rafe Pomerance’s unwavering dedication and his contributions to the Global Warming Mitigation Project and ReThink Energy serve as an inspiring call to action for listeners to make a positive impact on the urgent issue of global warming. 

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