Season 2, Episode 11: Climate Correction 2022 – Food Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Climate Change: Building Resilient Solutions for Florida and the Global Community Panel

Climate change and its potential effects can increase uncertainty about how our food systems will adjust to new and changing conditions. In this session, four UF professors highlight transformative research to build an adaptive and thriving agricultural sector into the future. Lessons from Florida and across the globe can teach us to work with nature and build resilient agroecosystems that resist, recover and adapt to a surprising and dynamic world.


  • Gregory Kiker – University of Florida, Professor and Graduate Coordinator
  • Gbola Adesogan – University of Florida, Director, Food Systems Institute and Director, Livestock Systems Innovation Lab
  • Yiannis Ampatzidis – Associate Professor, University of Florida
  • Ziynet Boz – University of Florida

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