Season 2, Episode 12: Climate Correction 2022 – Land Management: Can Cover Crops Contribute to Carbon Sequestration – Precious Nyabami

The VISTA Award is VoLo’s latest recognition, specific for students who display exemplary leadership, along with Vision, Innovation, Sustainability, Technology, and Action in climate solutions. VoLo gathers proposals from students at the Graduate level who are enrolled full-time with a US-based University or College. The finalist student individuals or teams will be invited by VoLo to present their ideas at the Climate Correction™ conference.

At Climate Correction™, VoLo’s Founders determined the project that best drove positive change in FLORIDA climate solutions. The winning project’s individual or team will receive a $10,000 gift, made out to the University or College with whom they are affiliated, to grow the project’s efforts.

Land Management: Can Cover Crops Contribute to Carbon Sequestration?

Key points:

  • Agriculture contributes to climate change.
  • There is potential for CO2 emissions offset through various farm practices.
  • Cover crops: a potential solution in Florida.
  • Our research in Gainesville, Florida.

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