Season 2, Episode 14: Addressing Climate Change in a Partisan Political Climate – Commissioner Ken Russell

Vice-Chairman of the Miami City Commission, Ken Russell, was re-elected for a second term in November 2019 and is currently running for US Senate. He is an avid advocate for solutions to climate change. After realizing the need for action within his own community, he stepped forward and began a life in politics. With passions centered around nature, such as professional kite surfing and woodworking, Commissioner Russell realized the importance of using political power to impact the environment in a lasting and positive way.

During his time in the Miami City Commission, he spearheaded the clean-up of Biscayne Bay, addressed sea-level rise and storm surge mitigation, and structured and campaigned for the Miami Forever Bond, which provides $100M in affordable housing and $200M for sea-level rise resiliency.

In this episode, Commissioner Russell addresses how he got started, shares his successes as well as challenges, and outlines future plans for addressing climate change in the current partisan political climate.


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