Season 2, Episode 16: National Heat Awareness Day – Understanding the Impact of Heat on Pregnancy – Marya Meyer

We all know that extreme heat can be dangerous and that we should keep cool and drink plenty of water to avoid the miserable effects of dehydration. Are you aware, however, that heat has a major impact on pregnant women and healthy birth outcomes? When a woman is pregnant, it’s already difficult to self-regulate her body temperature because her body is working to keep both herself and her baby cool.  The number of extreme heat days are rapidly increasing due to climate change. Excessive heat can have devastating impacts on pregnant women and their babies and has been linked to premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, and maternal heat stroke.

The Women’s Fund Miami-Dade launched its 2022 public awareness campaign on extreme heat and pregnancy health, putting a gender lens on the issue of heat and how it affects maternal health and birth outcomes, disproportionately for women of color.   With a mission to create positive change for women and girls through grantmaking, advocacy, research, and leveraging collective impact, the Women’s Fund works to create a community where power and possibility are not limited by gender.

In this episode, Executive Director, Marya Meyer shares the impact that climate change is having on pregnant women, and provides actionable ways that we can support pregnant women and babies, as well as ensure Florida adapts to rising temperatures.


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