Season 2, Episode 18: Biden’s Plans to Address Climate Change – Nat Keohane – Center for Climate and Energy Solutions

Nathaniel “Nat” O. Keohane is president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES). Previously, he served as a special assistant to President Obama, as the senior vice president for the Environmental Defense Fund, and as an Associate Professor of Economics at Yale. Combining his economist background with his passion for the environment, Keohane works to inform politicians and everyday people about the importance of climate change in relation to economic principles. He has spoken abundantly about cap-and-trade policies as well as the harmful effect of heat-trapping gasses.In this episode, Nat Keohane addresses the Biden administration’s plans for climate change, cap-and-trade policy, what voters and climate activists need to do to push for future successes, and much more.

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