Season 2, Episode 20: 3 Core Values for Approaching Climate Change in Florida – Whit Remer – City of Tampa

A sustainability and resilience officer’s job is to act as a mediator between businesses, organizations, or governments and the environment or environmental policies. They develop strategies that work with climate change activists and policies. These strategies help avoid conflict, protect the environment, and minimize waste or losses in a world market that is seeing less and less resources.
Whitford “Whit” Remer is the first Sustainability and Resilience Officer for the City of Tampa. He is approaching climate change in Florida with three core values, Go Green, Be Fair, Keep Safe. Whit Remer is working with city members to transition the City of Tampa to becoming 100% renewable energy by 2045 and generated a comprehensive roadmap for climate change. With a Super Bowl victory, two-time defending Stanley Cup champions, and a stellar baseball team, Whit Remer is dedicated to “Champa Bay” for the long term and is dedicated to working with city officials to create a long lasting city legacy while also protecting the environment and Florida’s natural beauty.
In this episode, Whit Remer discusses the importance of renewable energy within city infrastructure, discusses the successes and plans for the future of connecting with the community, and how voters and activists can create a meaningful impact on the environment.
Sustainability and Resilience Officer for Tampa:

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