Season 2, Episode 21: Have Economists Started a Generational War Over Climate Change featuring Larry Kotlikoff of Boston University

Economists study how the production and distribution of goods, products, and services affect the free market. Conscious and modern economists are now applying this financial analysis to global warming and its effect on climate change. Economist Laurence “Larry” Kotlikoff has written, spoken, and advocated for the climate for most of his career, including in front of U.S. Congress. Ranked as one of the top 25 World’s Most Influential Economists by The Economist Magazine, Kotlikoff is well informed and well respected in his field.In this episode, Larry discusses the generational solution to climate change, carbon taxation, the current War on Ukraine, and its economic impact. Larry suggests with energy prices far higher than we are accustomed to, we are currently experiencing what a price on carbon feels like, without the dividend.


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