Season 2, Episode 28: GM Frontrunner in Climate Sustainability

A Chief Sustainability Officer’s job is to generate, provide, and initiate an organization’s policies and actions regarding sustainability. At General Motors, this task has been taken on by Kristen Siemen. At General Motors, this task has been taken on by Kristen Siemen. As the CSO for GM, Kristen Siemen has direct insight and knowledge of the current direction, future plans, and their commitment to fighting climate change.


In January of 2021, GM committed themselves to becoming carbon neutral in their products and operations by 2040 and eliminating tailpipe emissions by 2035. With the assistance of Kristen Siemen and their current plans, GM prides themselves on being and becoming a frontrunner in climate sustainability and making a real difference to combat climate change. With a slogan of “EVeryboy in.”, a saying that has been proudly announced and rallied around by General Motors, GM is dedicated to bringing electric vehicles to everyone. From luxury to commercial to standard markets, GM plans to make EV affordable, comfortable, and sustainable. GM is excited to develop total electric vehicles instead of just focusing on hybrids to make a significant difference and stand committed to generating a real change quickly in regards to the climate impact of vehicles.

In this episode, Kristen Siemen explains GM’s goals, directions, plans, actions, and how the company plans to continue its fight for climate and sustainability.

Chief Sustainability Officer of General Motors –
GM climate change equity plan –
Neutral by 2040
5 years ahead of schedule – 100% renewable energy


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