Season 2, Episode 29: Climate and Energy Through the Eyes of a Journalist

Amy Harder is Executive Editor for Cipher by Breakthrough Energy. Amy has been involved in unraveling and generating an easily understandable breakdown of complex energy and climate issues. Amy was with Axios since its launch in 2017 and has worked with the Wall Street Journal, focused on and covering information coming out of Washington D.C. While originally covering multiple topics, Amy Harder began to take on the specific role of climate change. Since that transition, she has become a widely renowned journalist for covering climate and energy issues. With a goal of simplifying the data, information, and policies, she attempts to break things down in a way that even people with limited knowledge of specifics can become informed.
In this episode, Amy discusses:
  • Her journalism journey of Washington
  • How she got started focusing on climate change
  • Important U.S. and world climate information
  • How listeners and activists can become more informed of the complex world of D.C. policies

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