Season 2, Episode 4: Climate Correction 2022 – Agriculture Taking a Leadership Role in Carbon Action

This distinguished panel discussed the growing role for Florida’s farms, ranches, and woodlands in delivering high value and scalable solutions to climate change and other pressing global sustainable development goals.

  • Ernie Shea, President, Solutions from the Land, outlined the work underway in the Florida Climate Smart Agriculture Initiative and moderated the session.
  • Jim Strickland, Owner, Strickland Ranch, discussed climate smart agriculture (CSA) systems and practices Florida ranchers are deploying to maintain sustainability, improve resilience and reduce GHG emissions.
  • Dr. Maria Lucia Silveira, Professor, Soil and Water Quality, University of Florida, shared research on nutrient management strategies that result in optimum forage production and profitability, while protecting Florida water resources.
  • Dr. Carlos Messina, Professor, Horticultural Sciences Department, University of Florida, discussed the evolving role of artificial intelligence in measuring and monitoring the delivery of ecosystem services from farms, ranches, and forests.
  • Fred Yoder, Co-Chair, Solutions from the Land, provided global context outlining CSA enabling policies, programs and investments evolving across the world.

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